The 10 best stoner movies

Oct 10, 2022

Die 10 besten Kifferfilme
What can I do if I'm stoned? Loading film is a good idea. Fortunately, there are enough films.
Here is a selection of the top ten stoner movies. From classics to recent films.

1. Jack, Queen, King Grass.
Crooks Eddy, Tom, Bacon and Soap wager £100,000 on an illegal round of poker.
Eddy is a good player but not up to the cheating level of the big boss. After the poker game, Eddy owes him £500,000 within a week.
Purely by chance, through the thin walls of their apartment, they learn that their criminal neighbors are doing big business with high-quality weed. A cat and mouse game begins.

2. Paul - an alien on the run.
Two sci-fi nerds travel to Area 51 and encounter an alien named Paul. Paul has escaped and needs help. Escaping and fighting the government turns out to be a big and fun challenge. Paul can have relaxed small talk while smoking weed and drinking.

3. Stoned - full roar ahead.
In 1986, Harris and Reeves are bored and smoking weed that would change their lives. They don't wake up until 30 years later, in 2016. Their bodies have aged, but their minds have stopped at 1986. Confused, they have to figure out what happened.

4. Ted.
A stuffed bear named Ted comes to life at child John's Christmas wish. 25 years later they have become an inseparable team. Ted is very open to weed. Everything could go on nicely if there weren't fanatical people who also have a crush on Ted.

5. Grass Whisper.
Hobby gardener Grace Trevethan has a huge debt after the death of her husband. Her gardener gave her the idea of growing hemp instead of continuing to care for orchids. There is hope that this will help fight the mountain of debt. Grace develops a passion and has many ideas, but they don't always go to plan.

6. Harold & Kumar - escape from Guantanamo.
A comedy that takes it to the extreme.
Through stupid events, Harold and Kumar get caught by the US authorities, who ship them to Guantanamo. From there the escape begins, which becomes very strange.

7. Confusion - Summer of the Freaky.
The title says it all about what it's about. If you want to go back to 1976, you won't go wrong with this film. The utter madness of a high school clique with a party mood and who enjoy smoking weed.

8. Mr. Nice.
The film is based on Howard Marks' autobiography, Mr. Nice."
Howard Marks is a philosophy and physics student. After graduating, he wants anything but a regular life. His plan is to become the world's largest drug smuggler. He's not afraid of the secret services.

9. Half Baked - Totally high and crazy.
A classic from the 90s.
Thurgood, Brian, Kenny and Scarface deal with marijuana all day long. The beautiful dream is shattered when Kenny feeds candy to a diabetic police horse and ends up behind bars for it. To pay the bail, his friends want to get into the weed business. In addition to a lot of money, it provokes further trouble and it goes crazy.

10. Contact High.
Fancy a stoner film from Austria? The goal in the film is to get high and get carried away. Crazy action and perception are the hallmarks with a good portion of Austrian humor.

Number 10 should be the end of it, but here's another classic! He simply belongs to every good stoner film recommendation!

11. Lammbock.
Moritz Bleibtreu as Kai founds the Pizza-Express Lammbock together with his friend Stefan. Home delivery cannabis pizza. Who doesn't want something like this? From our own local cultivation. Success is not long in coming, but problems also come.