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Weed Shirt - Sustainable and Fair

Before we took the first steps in founding the company, it was important to us that the products come from sustainable production and that employees are treated fairly. 

The mere reason that the items are only produced when an order is received is the first sustainable step. 


The printer where the clothing is finalized is based in beautiful Leipzig, Germany. The goods are also shipped from here. Our textile manufacturer, which produces in the USA and Europe, places particular emphasis on sustainable and fair production. For this reason, it has the strictest eco-certificates and seals on the market, covering the entire production chain. Our range consists exclusively of garments that are mostly made of organic cotton and partly made of recycled polyester. 


All products in our collections are certified with the Öko-Tex® Standard 100 seal. Most of our premium products carry a DNA code that makes it possible to trace every step of the manufacturing process. on you can follow how your t-shirt was made and which seal of quality it received.

green electricity

Only environmentally friendly electricity from 100% renewable energies is used for our production. Clothing printed with Digital Direct fully complies with the Oeko-Tex standard, provided that the unprinted clothing is also Oeko-Tex certified. The use of renewable energies conserves fossil resources and reduces CO2 emissions compared to coal-fired power plants.

Plastic-free shipping packaging

Every year, millions of tons of plastic end up in the sea, unnecessarily polluting our environment and killing numerous animals.

When it comes to shipping packaging, plastic-free alternatives made from paper are an ideal solution. We therefore use plastic-free shipping packaging made from recycled paper and cardboard.

The textiles are packed in glassine bags. Glassine is made from natural cellulose and is biodegradable and therefore suitable for waste paper disposal.


Our products are sent directly to the end customer with one route and without intermediate stops. This eliminates a delivery route, including the resulting CO2 emissions.

The transport of millions of parcels in Germany emits CO2 every day. The parcel service DHL therefore offers climate-neutral shipping to offset emissions. being Environmental protection program GoGreen includes climate protection projects that neutralize transport-related greenhouse gases. We currently use this service for some of the orders and are continuously expanding it. The goal is and should be to provide climate-neutral shipping for all products.

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