What is weed shirt?

We are your one stop shop for awesome weed merch! 

Products that you order from us are shipped directly from the manufacturer. In this way we save a lot of CO2 and packaging material and do something good for the environment.

We even go a step further here and only produce your shirt once you have ordered it. Due to our complex production processes, we can still guarantee that your shirt will be delivered within 2 - 4 working days is with you 

In this way, we also do not need large warehouses and produce significantly less waste.

We are also actively involved in the cannabis community and as part of the legalization movement by supporting associations and the whole Movement. So every year a part of what we do with our shop flows earn money for a good cause.

A shirt from Weed Shirt is not just a piece of clothing, but also a contribution to legalization and a donation for a legal Germany.

Our promise of quality

We hate it when items of clothing break after a short time or show heavy signs of use. Especially with many NoName online providers or cheap brands you get T-shirts that look as if they were several years old after just a few washes. 

In addition, these shirts are manufactured far away abroad under the worst working conditions.  

So that you can enjoy our clothing for a long time, we rely on a process that not only enables us to achieve very high quality, but is also incredibly sustainable. For all Weed Shirt garments, we only use selected and high-quality raw materials, all products are certified according to Öko-Tex® Standard 100 and BSCI.

Our printing technology works without water and is one of the most environmentally friendly digital printing technologies on the market. We also do without any plastic when shipping and use shipping packaging made from recycled paper.

More about sustainability

We want you to have fun with your products for a long time. That's why we manufacture them with the highest quality, from selected raw materials and with the greatest possible sustainability.