Weed in the fall

Sep 22, 2022

Weed im Herbst
Autumn is beginning and it's getting colder. You won't always wear t-shirts with a cool weed motif, but don't worry: there are sweaters and jackets.
Over 40 hoodies and sweaters are available in the shop. Show off your weed status with slogans like “I Love 420” and “Enjoy Life”. Everything possible! The season is not the obstacle. The sizes range from S to 5XL and are available in different colors. It depends on the product.

With the Weed-Beer-Pizza Hoodie you combine eating pizza, drinking beer and smoking weed.
Kangaroo pocket, hood with drawstring and cord are included in the clothing. Best equipment for the cooler season!
The "High with my Friends" hoodie is a loyal party companion with which you communicate fun and serenity.

If you want something discreet: The sweater with the inscription "420" is the insider tip for subtly transporting the cannabis message. That little bit of cannabis leaf in the number gives the weed nod to people who can't do 420. A sweater doesn't have a hood like a hoodie, but it's still warm.

In addition to clothing, cups are suitable for the cool time. Who doesn't enjoy drinking tea on a cold, wet autumn evening? The "Love-Weed" cup is robust and can be optimally integrated into any household. The product is suitable for the dishwasher. Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant print ensure that the motif is preserved for a long time. So you can enjoy drinking tea for longer.

As you can see, autumn can easily come. One thing is certain: there is enough choice! Weed motifs for every season in high and sustainable quality.
Remember: Some products are reduced! Under the Sale tab you will find goods with a discount of up to 35 percent.